The Trump transition team announced yesterday that Thomas Bossert was chosen for the role of the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism.  In that position, Mr. Bossert will advise the President on issues related to cybersecurity, homeland security and counterterrorism, and also coordinate the process for creating and executing relevant policies, the announcement said.  The transition team further explained that Mr. Bossert’s position will be “independent” and on equal footing with the position of the national security adviser, Michael Flynn, who will focus on international security issues.

Mr. Bossert previously served as the Deputy Homeland Security Advisor to President George W. Bush.  In that capacity, he advised the President on matters of homeland and national security, counterterrorism, cybersecurity and continuity of operations.

“Tom brings enormous depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to protecting the homeland to our senior White House team,” said President-elect Trump. “He has a handle on the complexity of homeland security, counterterrorism, and cybersecurity challenges. He will be an invaluable asset to our Administration.”

Reflecting on his appointment, and with respect to cybersecurity, Mr. Bossert noted, “We must work toward cyber doctrine that reflects the wisdom of free markets, private competition and the important but limited role of government in establishing and enforcing the rule of law, honoring the rights of personal property, the benefits of free and fair trade, and the fundamental principles of liberty. The internet is a U.S. invention, it should reflect these U.S. values as it continues to transform the future for all nations and all generations.”

As the new Administration gets to work on ensuring cybersecurity, as part of the overall national and economic security, it will likely change the way U.S. companies are expected to secure their protected data.